How many times has it happened when you left the website within 50 seconds? We know it happens quite a number of times. The website’s usability should be on point, making it usable for the users. Here, it is not just the website design that matters but it is also the user experience. 

The moment they stop by the landing page, their experience should be swift. It should not take much time for the user to reach their required information or product page. That’s when the User Interface enters the room. UI is all about how the website interacts with the users. It is all about making it convenient for the users visiting the website to find the required information on the website. It highly affects the website performance. This can also improve the website performance in terms of sales and revenue generation. There are certain characteristics possessed by high performing websites, please find some of them given below:

  • Fast Loading

You know what is most annoying when one clicks on a link of a website? When the website takes more time than anything. It is the user’s habit to open up three links on an average when they are looking up something on google. And when they click on the tab to browse and see that the website isn’t fully loaded, Snap! They close the window and move on to another tab.

You definitely do not want that to happen with your website. It highly affects the conversion ratio along with the website performance. Always make sure that your website loads in around 10.3 seconds, as this is the average loading speed according to a survey. 

There are numerous tools available online to test out your website loading speed, most of them are paid, if you dive in then you might be able to find some. If not, you can also contact us at The Quantum Tech’s website or from any other social media platform.

  • Design

This one goes without saying!  Design of the website or any app or tool plays the most important part in its user engagement. Design consists of colours, background, colour of the content(text), the type of contrasts used, font type, font sizes, icons and many other components coming under the head “Design”. A good contrast between the background colour and the logo makes the logo visible. Similarly, a great contrast between the background colour and the content makes the information easily readable for the user. These are some very important factors that need your attention. The design should be engaging enough that interests the user to spend more time on the website or should at least click on the call to action button.

  • Effective Navigation

Although it’s going to seem negligible, having organized and easy-to-follow navigation for an internet site is extremely beneficial and important for the general user experience. Visiting an internet site with disorganized navigation is like driving somewhere with hazy directions: you would possibly stray along the way because the route is tough to follow.

Navigation on an internet site is achieved by a set of links that form the web site Navigation Menu or the web site Navigation Bar. This navigation menu or bar is typically the gathering of links you see placed vertically on the left or horizontally near the highest of the online page and sometimes on the footer of the web page.

  • No Browser Constraints

Whether your visitors are using any browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, they’ll need to be able to gain the same information and experience from your site. Your website will not appear the same way across every browser, but it’ll need to look just as impressive. Luckily, this does not mean creating different versions of your website for every browser!

Cross browser compatibility is vital if you want to make sure that everyone can view your website in the same way. Don’t forget, you might be losing out on business and enquiries if some visitors can’t access some or all of the features of your website. Any good user interface designer will offer this service, so make sure of this when making your choice and you’ll be on your way to a wider audience in no time.

If you feel that you need more guidance on a user-friendly website, feel free to ping us, our experts will consult you for free!

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