In present-day, it is the era where we do not even count our travel distance anymore, because we have tools and apps to do that for us. Everyday a number of people think about developing a software or tool or Web App or Mobile App which they believe will be helpful to a number of people who will be their customers, once their app is out in the market. The very immediate question is, which technology will be the best for their idea?

If you are a technical person then you might be aware of the factors to consider before choosing technology. But if you are a non-technical personality, then you might have to ponder about a number of aspects before hiring a Development team or IT Company for your project. Because it is very important to do your homework so that the chances of getting fooled are less. Technical OR Non-technical, this article will help you be clear about your requirement and ask the right questions to your development team before saying yes to the suggested technology!


You must know first that WHY do you want to develop a software or a tool or a Website? As you will do a little bit of brain-storming with your team you will figure out the problems or reasons for your to get a tool, eventually coming up with the solutions to them as well. As thinking about the Users, and how it will be helpful to them is crucial. For example: It was getting clumsy for the Social media platform’s top-notch users to share a single post on different platforms, so they came up with a feature using which a user can post on multiple platforms at once. It is very important to know what you are looking for, then and only your development team or IT partners will be able to help you with it.

Scope of Project

Deciding the scope of a project is very much important from the development and from the clients’ point of view.

If you are a start-up, you can launch your website with 5-6 pages which dictates the purpose of your business and showcases the products and services offered by you to your clientele. For this, certain CMS’s are available which are quick to build a website with and are convenient to be used by a non-tech person while being cost-friendly at the same time.

If it is a project where you are developing a tool to make something easy then it can be complex and it might require a combination of multiple technologies and frameworks in order for it work smoothly for the users. For this one shall require to build a MVP first to showcase in front of the Investors to raise funds, for this can be done with open source technologies which are light and

Hence, one should know or at least have an idea about the size of the project.

Think about the future

Once you know what are the things that you want to make easy through the medium of developing the tool in question. You can do this little exercise, where you will also have to think if this software will be helpful in the near future? OR What more features you will require to keep it top-notch?
Cause with time, problems evolve, so do the solutions!

By practising this exercise you can get an idea of what amendments you might want to make in the software later. As this matters a lot when choosing a tech stack, your chosen technologies should be flexible enough that enables you to make those changes in your software later.

Ask the experts

Yes, it is in our nature to take advice from our friends or colleagues, or the people who we trust will have the facts for you. But we would suggest that when in doubt, ASK THE EXPERTS! Nowadays, there are professionals whose career motto is about helping you choose the right thing, no matter what you are confused about. We would highly recommend you consult a company or a professional who is an expert in the domain, do not forget to run a quick background check before signing up with them.


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