As we already know the world is going through major crisis, every person had to make different adjustments to cope. One being organizations switches to work-from-home culture and coming to terms with the pros and cons of working from home.

Work from home is helpful for many, but not for all. It has given losses to many business owners with small businesses and coworking spaces. When a person is working in these spaces, it is evident these spaces are getting nullified.

1. Lack of community and teamwork.

As the great Greek Philosopher Aristotle said:

“Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual.”

This proves, it is clear that man cannot live alone, or for the matter, work alone efficiently and effectively. While some workers or employees are excited about this idea and some might find it hard. It is challenging to collaborating with only a computer screen without any face-to-face interaction and communicate with team members.

2. Lack of Motivation

Motivation can be considered be consider as an important aspect to drive people to power on and achieves their goals. It can be effortless to lose motivation quickly when a person is put in the put in the wrong place and time and risk achieving the desired outcomes. Working at an office with fellow colleagues with the same goal and purpose or having a pep talk with a senior at work can be great source of boosting motivation.

3. Unmonitored performance and those frequent breaks

Working alone may becomes a tough job. Extra employees are required to keep a top on their performance as self-regulation is a difficult task and work rests on the discretion of the employees. Workers or employees may laze around and take frequent breaks which might results in longer time to finish work.

A random thread from Reddit:

“It becomes hard to monitor how they work or their deliverable. The degree of procrastination is something that can spiral out of control. Depending on the type of role you hire for, it is important to know how you are going to monitor their status.”

4. Lack of Required Office Equipment and Sensitive Documents Security

Working remotely has been loved as the worker is working in his own home office which is comfortable. But as you know every coin has its flip side so a home office has its drawbacks too. It can be a costly gamble to setup a home office with a high-performance system, high bandwidth connection and many other types of equipment. And furthermore, problems accessing sensitive company documents and sharing them might raise security issues.

5. Distraction and lack of good working environment

There are several benefits that remote work brings along with it the benefit of a good work-life balance. Workers may feel that work-from-home gives them more time to spend with their families but there is more to it.

“According to a survey by Glassdoor, a group of 1000 workers were asked about their concern for work-from-home which was held between 11th to 13th of march 2020. It was reported that 32% of them say they were watching T.V. and 27% say that taking care of a child was a huge distraction.”

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