EDGE Computing

Many giant geek techs like Google, Microsoft and Amazon have proven that our personal data is safe with them. So, as for this achievement, we should reward them by giving them complete control over our gadgets like computers to cars.

Let me introduce to the “EDGE” Computing.

Edge is a Slang. Just like IoT and cloud, Edge means “EVERYTHING AND NOTHING”.

What is Edge Computing?

In the beginning of the revolutionary tech era there was a ONE Big computer, you might have stumble around an image where IMB is loading just 5 MB of data chip in a truck. Then in UNIX era, people learn to connect one computer to another. After that there are personal computers (PC), in this era, first-time people can afford and can have their own set of hardware.

Jumping to the present tech era which is also known as cloud computing era. Everything is centralized. People still have their personal computers just to access their centralized services like dropbox, Gmail and many other services. Cloud computing is good but there is a limit to everything, now there is not much left to grow in cloud space. Everything that can be centralized is now centralized, now most of its new development and opportunities for cloud lies at the edge.

So, what is EDGE?

EDGE computing can be considered as computing near the data source, instead of depending on cloud computing at different data centers to do all the work.

NOTE: This s not the end of cloud computing. This means cloud is coming to you!


One of the greatest advantages of EDGE Computing is its lightning speed. Suppose system A needs to request something from system B that is beyond seven seas than it is obvious that there will be a delay as latency.

Privacy & Security

It might be uncanny, but the security which Apple provides in their devices is well accepted as an example of Edge computing. It stores its data in the person’s device and encrypts it. Apples provide loads of security from the centralized cloud to its diasporic devices. And the best thing about it you have to just pay $999 for this device and trained.


Privacy and security are not the only things that will help you to solve the problem IoT brought with it. For example, you have a CCTV camera, you can likely steam all the video to the cloud, what if you have multiple CCTV cameras, isn’t this obvious that you are going to face a bandwidth problem. These problems can be solved if you have an AI that automatically saves only important footage and removes the rest. However, there is no such technology yet present to solve this problem.

As far as you might be aware of self-driving cars, it can be considered as the ultimate example of the Edge computing. Due to two main reasons i.e. latency and bandwidth, self-driving cars can not request data of that car’s sensors to the cloud and with for the response. You might be not able to survive a single ride.

What are we going to lose?

Everyone a corner of fear in their mind that what they might be losing to gain this power. But in a broader view who controls your data also controls your life experiences. Is

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