Choosing the right Web Hosting which is best for you is more important than one considers for it to be. It must suit the nature of your business as every business belongs to a different industry. Hence, there are certain criteria that needs to be kept in mind before signing up with the hosting.

Nowadays the hosting providers lure the interested by offering high discounts, other tools like SSL certificates etc. But, you must be aware of certain aspects of hosting like types of hosting that are available out there in the market, their benefits and limitations, security provided by them and last but not the least support- is also a concern that needs to be thought upon thoroughly. If you are willing to know about those, continue reading:

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a storage space access that you get to host your website on.

When you sign up for web hosting, you are allocated a particular space on the server or the server(depending on the type of hosting you have chosen) for storing the files and data of your website, it is termed as Web Hosting. The entity you sign up with, is known as Hosting Provider.

Hosting providers let the websites of corporations, institutions and individuals be accessible on the World Wide Web.

Type of Web Hosting

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Cloud Hosting

The list still goes as there is, Dedicated hosting, Managed hosting, Managed VPS Hosting etc.

Dedicated hosting – In this, an entire server is dedicated to your website. Most highly performing enterprises with large numbers of hovering traffic signs up for these.

Managed Hosting – Here, you will get the whole server for your website, but will not be allowed full control over the server. As it is called managed hosting, the server is managed by your provider so that they can assure quality services. The client is allowed to manage the data of the website via FTP and other tools.

1. Shared Hosting

When more than one website is hosted on a server, then is called Shared Hosting. This can be termed as the most common and suited for small businesses, startups and enterprises. It is also the cheapest hosting option available out there. It is like sharing a flat, where you dutch the expenses with your fellas to take advantage of the provided facilities.

When you do not have much data on your website, and the number of visitors are limited to a certain amount i.e., minimal traffic, then it is safe for you to move ahead with Shared Hosting. Here, you will be sharing storage space on the server with other websites.

2. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a process of utilizing an organization’s computing and storage to a service provider that puts forward its infrastructure in a utility model. There are three main reasons why someone should opt for cloud computing.

Flexibility: Due to auto balancers it can easily scale and accommodate traffic spikes on seasonal demands as compared to traditional hosting.

Pay-as-you-go model: As the name suggests, users only have to pay for allocated resources they use on the monthly or hourly basis and this can save a lot of capital as compared to flat rated traditional hosting.

Reliability: In case of hardware failures there will be no downtime because the applications were on a network of servers.

3. VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. There are no language barriers while using the VPS. It gives higher caps on storage resources and bandwidth so user can generate more traffic.

It is more cost-efficient when comparing with dedicated server. The average cost is around $10-$60 per month. It is best suitable for small or medium sized websites.

There also some down sides of VPS like users are responsible for software and security patches and it requires a technical person for setting-up the configurations


Support is important when purchasing a hosting plan, check if your hosting provider is available 24/7 or their support timings in your territory, whether they are available through mail, phone call, live chat or forums.

Whether they are available to cater their clients as communication is mandatory when problems arise and when they need to be solved quickly.


Security is one of the major factors that is required to be considered when making a decision on hosting. Security; you will get after availing the chosen hosting for their website, which is totally dependable on the nature of your business, on the basis of that if the security is a major factor of concern, then you shall choose the hosting server while giving it high priority. No matter which industry you are in, it is important for you to know about the measures that are followed by your hosting provider to keep your website and data safe.These are the aspects you must go through before choosing the right hosting, or you can also consult the experts for it is important for your hosting to be durable for your website and your pocket as well. You can also drop a line to us and have a free consultation from our technical experts.

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