Blogging has become more important than ever for most of businesses. It is continuously evolving from the days when used as a place to express their strong opinions. In current scenario companies use blogs to frow their businesses and inflate their reach. In a recent survey by Hubspot B2B companies that use blogs get 67% more leads as compared to those who does not use blogs.

What exactly blog does for your Business………….

Drive Traffic

• Blogging is supreme way to drive traffic to your website and improve website’s SEO. Having more blogs means more content for the search engine to crawl and index and ultimately, they can easily recognize information for the people from the website. Blogs can also be used to create content that your audience is encouraged to share with their connections. Again, a survey by Hubspot, businesses with blog receives 97% more links to their website than non-blogged website. When users are sharing and posting your content………. Talk about a win!

Build Credibility

• A blog with resourceful of information content shows your users that you are a ‘Trusted’ company. Writing blogs on topics which users will find interesting and helpful gives the impression that you are not just business centric person but also an ethical person. According to Demand Gen Report from 2016 47% of customers view 3 to 5 pieces of content before investing.

Start Conversation

• Blogs is a great way to start conversation directly with the end users by most common feature of any blog that is comment section. Blogs can be used to get feedbacks and thoughts of the users. Never be afraid! Ask you user direct questions and see what your user have to say. Last and the most important things, always answer their questions. It shows, you care about your users and their opinion.
Your Marketing Channel That Gets Benefits From Blog………

Social Media

• Have you ever struggled to find or make a post for your business social media profiles? If yes, then blog is the solution, not only informative content to post but also content that brings user back to your website.

Email Marketing

• Posting blogs can be advantageous as it can increase email marketing by two-fold. Categorize or highlight a featured blogs or recent blogs to engage with the users. This put a stronghold on user’s trust on the company. If you re reading blogs than you might have encountered with newsletter sign up fields on blogs for the users who are interested in the current topics…… This… This thing sooner or later, grows your email list!

What Content Goes on a Blog?

Your Brand Voice

If your company features a selected brand voice or view, a blog is your stage to showcase it! As previously mentioned, blogs help humanize your brand. We don’t all work on Mom-and-Pop shops, and lots of times bigger organizations are only seen as just that. The bigger the corporate, the harder it’s to point out your audience that there are real people with real lives working there to supply the service or product.

Audience-relevant topics

If your business is selling a product or service, you’ll find opportunities to write down blog posts around best practices or how-to’s that directly relate thereto product or service. But don’t be afraid to possess a touch fun and stretch your content outside of your normal business-specific realm. You know your audience better than anyone, so find and blog about other topics that they’ll have an interest in. For example, if you’re in land, your audience may contain first-time home buyers and you’ll blog about helpful DIY’s that would are available handy.

Images and Videos

You’ve probably worked hard to form beautiful brand images and videos, and a blog could also be an ideal place to means that content. Images and videos keep your blog engaging, educational and fresh while conveying your personality and keenness for the industry. Many times, on the rear end of your website you’ll easily drop by a YouTube or Vimeo link, or maybe directly upload image or video files. Then add an outline, a minimum of 300 words long for SEO purposes, and you’ve got an excellent blog post.

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