SEO-SEO-SEO a buzz word which is on everyone’s mind, tongue and monthly reports but still what is it? Why it is important? And How to utilize it to its full potential to shine yourself and your business on Google Indexing.

Search Engine Optimization, which is basically the way of getting traffic for free or natural search results on search engines. It aims to advance your site’s situation in query items pages. Keep in mind, the higher the site is recorded, the more individuals will see it.

Great SEO includes various exercises, for example,

  • Recognizing important keywords with great search traffic potential.
  • Making top caliber, helpful content and upgrading it for web search tools and for clients.
  • Counting important connections from top-notch locales
  • Estimating the outcomes of these practices by using the right tools and user analytics

Nowadays, SEO services are viewed as a fundamental advertising action but that is all not true

In short, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an approach and practice to increase the quantity and quality of the traffic of your website through organic search results.

In order to fulfill all these requirements or perquisites, there are ample of tools software and platforms to track capture and analyze your user activities and competitor tactics to stay ahead and in this case at the top of SERPs.

In every digital marketing strategy, data plays a vital part and having the right tools in place before any marketing attempts makes sure you’re getting the results you want from it.

Top 5 SEO Tools one should definitely have in their pool.

1. Google Analytics.

Right top on the list comes Google Analytics a is absolutely web analytical tool that gives inside and out understanding into your site and business’ online performance.

Beginning with GA is direct and simple, and you can start to follow key measurements of online business immediately. And get the benefits like

  • Track Online Traffic
  • Understand User Behavior
  • Offline to Online Tracking
  • Data Reports and Customization
  • Improve Online Advertising with Marketing Analytics
  • Improve SEO and Content Marketing
  • Google Analytics Conversion Tracking
  • Find Your Target Audience
  • Google Analytics Improves Websites
  • Getting Started Is Easy
  • New Ideas for Business
  • eCommerce Performance

How to setup Google Analytics:

To Track the user activity on your website through Google Analytics(GA) you need UA-ID.

  2.  Google Search Console.

The second on the list is search console it is quite similar with google analytics in terms of giving the user analytics but it is not the most but quite essential tool out there and here are the reasons apart from being free.

  • Find search inquiries that drive traffic
  • Find how well the entirety of your pages rank
  • Identify and influence backlinks to support connect juice
  • Add sitemaps
  • Locate blunders that need fixing
  • Ensure qualification for rich pieces and pattern
  • Make your site more easy to access well disposed
  • Monitor your Core Web Vitals
  • Provides info if your site has been hacked

How to setup Google Search Console

Well, it is quite simple process of three steps.

Step 1: Check in to look Console together with your Google account.

Step 2: Enter Your Website’s Domain (or URL-Prefix) to affix a property.

Step 3: Verify Your Website.

Once you are done then you can access and practice the following

  • Test that Google can get to your pages utilizing the URL Inspection apparatus.
  • Tell Google which pages to crawl by refreshing your sitemap.
  • Tell Google which pages not to crawl utilizing robots.txt or noindex labels.
  • A few weeks after you post content, affirm that the quantity of listed pages in your site is rising.

  3. SEMrush

Now coming to the paid version of the tools and SEMrush is the one all you might have here and that would not be surprise as they provide all-in-one tool setup including the aspects like SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, and many more

Well, it is more popular because there is actually no setup required here they provide the dashboard itself and they bring the data from all the search engines and indexes. One can easily download all the metrics and reports but that’s not it one can set up multiple projects.

How to Setup Project in SEMrush


To create a new project, start by going to Semrush → Projects.


Add up Tags and setup Table Settings

The number of Projects that you are allowed to have at once depends solely on the type of subscription you have with Semrush.

  • Free subscriptions can manage 1 Project
  • Pro subscriptions can manage 5 Projects
  • Guru subscriptions can manage 15 Projects
  • Business subscriptions can manage 40 Projects


Setup & Configuring Tools as per your requirements

  • Configuring Site Audit
  • Configuring Position Tracking
  • Configuring On-Page SEO Checker
  • Configuring Backlink Audit
  • Configuring Social Media Tracker
  • Configuring Organic Traffic Insights
  • Configuring Brand Monitoring
  • Configuring PPC Keyword Tool
  • Configuring Link Building Tool
  • Configuring Content Audit (Content Analyzer)

Example of dashboard is shown below.

 4.  MOZ-Pro

Another on to the freemium list is MOZ pro it is a recent third-party software platform just as SEMrush providing all-in-one services for keywork exploration, Domain Analysis and online presence on search engines. The features of Moz SEO tools are divided into Free and Pro versions as displayed in the table.

Free Pro(Free Trial for 30 days)
Keyword Explorer Track your Rankings
Link Explorer Crawls & Audits of sites
MozBar Page Optimization
My Online Presence Custom Reports
Free Domain Analysis Competitor Link gap
MozCast Competitor Analysis

How to Use Moz Pro:

Step-1: Setup Your Account

Step-2: Track a Site in Moz Pro

Track a site page by making your first Campaign in Moz Pro and interface your Google Analytics record to facilitate your site traffic data..

Step-3: Start Your Keyword Research

  • Use Keyword Explorer to find and focus on important catchphrases and keywords
  • Create a Keyword List.
  • Add any new keywords to your Moz Pro Campaigns to start following them.

Step-4: Start Your Link Research

External link establishment is a significant piece of any SEO methodology. You can begin with dissecting your backlink profile in our Link Explorer instrument.

  • Use Link Explorer to dissect connections to your site.
  • Visit Top Pages to see your rivals’ top connected to pages and gain knowledge into their connection techniques.
  • Use Link Intersect to recognize potential connection openings.
  • Make a Link Tracking List to assist with laying out objectives, track, and break down your third-party referencing progress.

Step-5: Explore more tools and features as per your SEO Requirement

   5.  Click Flow

Last but not the least is the ClickFlow is exactly what they say on their webpage The product that helps you grow your traffic while looking like a genius. The tool provides

  • Title/meta testing

Test the viability of each page to expand your natural traffic without the problem of building connections or composing more substance.

  • Page component testing

Test the viability of different changes like adding content squares or h1 labels

  • Content editorial manager

ClickFlow will assist with figuring out what catchphrases you ought to add your substance to acquire traffic from your substance.

  • Content Decay

Content decay will show you traffic decrease for significant pages so you can spot issues and fix them rapidly.

  • Change Monitoring

From title to content to interface transforms, we’ll screen your whole site and permit you to see the traffic and SERP effect of each change.

  • Keyword Tracking

Track your most significant catchphrase rankings over the long haul.

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