It’s 2021, given the prevailing pandemic and innovation in technology everybody is focusing on their online presence which can also be called Digital Presence. Be it business entities, organizations, institutions, or individual freelancers/professionals, all are concerned about their profiles which are visible to their targeted market for every business is operating online, we are becoming more aware of the marketing strategies we need to adapt in order to be more visible.

There are various ways of digital marketing that involve Social Media platforms and the Web. The web part’s major part is Blog Writing which is a tiny part of Search Engine Optimization. Blog’s help us in every way as they possess information about various topics and matters. In today’s date, there are more than 600 million blogs on the internet from around 1.7 billion websites. In this blog you will know about the importance and benefits of blogging for your business:

Building Trust

By posting content online you share information with the readers, hence make sure that your resources are reliable and upright. This is an important aspect to take care of because it will eventually help in building trust with the people visiting the website or the profile of your organization. This way you can also generate a community of people who might come and visit your profile regularly in order to educate themselves about various topics.

Customer Engagement

By putting up content on the website, as people visit and read the blog. You can get instant feedback on your ideas by your targeted segment. As they can comment on the blog, it becomes easier for you to know how the public will react to the product. You can experiment by putting up blogs about interesting ideas and can see the public reaction towards them. This will also help you in building a network with people who are or might be interested in the upcoming products of yours.

At the same time, you will also be generating opportunities for the readers to share the link to your blog. There are so many sharing platforms available, this way you can get a chance with free marketing by availing viral traffic. As visitors can share a direct link to your blog, can tweet it, and can share it over email with their friends.

Improve the SEO

The core purpose of search engines is to provide the users with the most relevant information when searched for it. By writing and posting blogs on your website and putting up comprehensive information about various topics, the search engine’s crawler bots start considering your existence. As the number of words on your website is also important when you start with Search Engine Optimization. This way google crawlers can become your friends as you will be helping them find the most relevant and dependable articles for their customers i.e., users.

One can also increase the traffic on their website when the frequency of their blog posts is consistent. According to Hubspot, organizations/businesses who publish 16 or more blogs per month get 3.5 times more traffic than the businesses posting 16 or fewer blogs.

Structure Content

One can structure the content of their website by putting up relevant blogs. By relevant blogs, what we mean is presenting content that is unique for your customers and can bring them to your website or social media accounts eventually making your business visible to them and stand out at the same time. By structuring the content one’s website can also be benefitted from the SEO point of view. As the content of the website plays an important role as it leads the traffic towards your website.

One can write blogs by themselves and increase their knowledge about the topics at the same time, or some people also hire content writers to write the blogs for their website, and then the smart ones enter the room who partner with the Digital Marketing agencies. These entities (like us) are experts at writing and posting and creating content for their customers’ business in order to give their social platforms and websites a boost. Whichever segment you fall in, we are right here and would be glad to help you out with your concerns. Comment below or ping us here!

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